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Family Mediation – helping you focus on the future

If you are experiencing the breakdown of a relationship and need to make decisions about your future finances and arrangements for children, an option to expensive and lengthy litigation is to seek the help of a qualified family mediator to help you reach agreement on these important matters.

Southern Family Mediation offers professionally qualified  family mediators in Hampshire including Southampton and Winchester and the South of England to help you reach decisions together.

At Southern Family Mediation we believe that solutions can be found even in the most difficult disputes, whether the disagreement is about child-care arrangements or finances.
We know from our experience that divorce and separation is one of life’s most painful and stressful situations.

With court there is usually always a ‘winner’ and a ‘loser’; and sometimes neither!
Mediation gives YOU the control and the opportunity to plan YOUR future, because we believe that separating couples are the best people to make the decisions that will affect their future and the future of their children.

We will guide you through the settlement negotiations in a way that minimises the financial and emotional harm of separation and divorce and protects or repairs the ability of parents to work as a parenting team long term.

We provide our clients with a safe environment in which each party has the chance to speak and to be fully heard. We support each party to think about the core needs and concerns connected to the dispute, to open mindedly look for solutions that benefit both parties and to consider a wide range of options to settle the dispute.

Family Mediation allows for expression of feelings in a supportive and structured environment process whilst retaining a clear focus on the decision-making tasks that need to be accomplished.

Mediating with Southern Family Mediation will be less traumatic, much less expensive, and, we hope, a more gratifying and rewarding experience than going to court.
We treat each case on an individual basis, and can offer MORNING, EVENING or WEEKEND appointments by arrangement.